Tickets and Registration

Depending on the size of your event and whether or not you will be charging a fee, you may or may not choose to use ticketing and registration.


Registration options vary from simple spreadsheets and forms to online applications dedicated to event registration.

  • Google spreadsheet and Form: Probably one of the simplest forms of registration available. Create a Google Form and send the information to a Google Spreadsheet. This method is very easy and simple to setup and maintain, but it is also very “primitive” and basic. Although this method is free, it will not work if you plan on charging a registration fee.
  • Web-based event registration application such as Eventbrite or Eventzilla. These applications obviously excel at attendee registration, as this is what they are made for. If your event is free, use of these services is typically free as well. For paid events, the registration provider typically charges a small percentage-based fee. The fee can either be explicitly tacked onto the cost of registration or the organizer can just up their registration fee to make the provider fee invisible to the attendee. Providers such as Eventbrite or Eventzilla also provide widgets and code that conference organizers can embed into a page on the conference web site.